different types of spices for wholesale distribution in Dubai

We deal in variety of spices that come from various local and international suppliers. Our range include black pepper seeds, fenugreek seeds, dry lemon, cumin seeds and powder, ginger powder and more.
With our extensive network with suppliers across the regions we are able to meet orders based on customer demand.

Spices continue to dominate the Arabian cuisine. With long standing ties of food trade with India and Iran, UAE has always been a popular hub for spice trade and consumption.


bag of pulses

We are a prominent traders and distributors of Pulses in the UAE. Our range include - all types of beans, chick peas, green peas and lentils. All the pulses are well selected based on quality of the products from various suppliers.
The quality is examined based on several factors such as the cooking time, colour, weight, firmness, water absorption and starch content. We ensure to market the best quality.

Over the years, pulses have been a staple of healthy diets in the Middle East.In the UAE the demand for pulses has been on rise with population growth and influx of tourist.