Long Grain Rice

Rice consumption has always been very popular in the UAE and other regions of the Middle East. We distribute various brands of long grain rice from India, Pakistan, Indonesia and Thailand ensuring that we cater to the rice preferences of the multicultural population in the UAE, Oman and Qatar.
Our selected range of rice brands are all processed in the state of art milling plants where every precaution is taken to avoid contamination thereby offering UAE consumers best in quality and flavour.

Mugatlal P Pandya's own long grain rice brand - Pandya Rice is well acclaimed for its premium quality and delectable taste .Pandya Rice is non - sticky, low in starch and beautifully long.

Basmati Rice

Basmati Rice is well know for its distinctive flavour and aroma. Mugatlal P Pandya distributes some of the highest quality Basmati rice in the Middle East.

We distribute extensively to retail groceries as well as various Asian and Arab restaurants.

rice wholesale distribution in Dubai UAE & Qatar

Most Popular

Al Jabal Al Shams

Jabal Shams Rice distributed in Dubai and Oman

Extra Long Grain Basmati Rice

Long and slender with subtle taste

Fluffly texture, size expands when cooked

Available in 20kg

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Kashmir Valley

Kashmir Valley Rice distributed in Dubai and Oman

Premium Basmati Rice

Has a unique aroma and distinctive flavour

Cooks quickly

Available in 10kg

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Tower Brand

Tower Brand Rice sold in Dubai and Oman

Long Grain Rice

High quality Biryani Rice

Makes Biryani naturally flavourful and irresistable

Available in 10kg, 19kg & 35kg

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Pandya Rice

Distributor of Pandya Rice in Dubai UAE

Premium Long Grain Rice

Beautifully long, non-sticky and low in starch

Light and fluffy

Available in 5kg and 35kg

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