Golden Churn Butter is natural and 
			nutritious butter

Don’t miss out the goodness of real butter – It’s gold(en)!

The importance of organic food products is growing and butter is no exception. Natural butter is a powerhouse of vitamins A, D, & K-2, heart-disease preventing CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), Omega 3 & 6 and so much more. And how can we forget the flavour & the creaminess of natural butter – that is so heavenly!
In recent years, butter has been substituted with butter substituents such as margarine mainly due to the substituents ease of spreading. However, these are butter alternatives and not real butter. Butter is derived from animal milk while spreads and margarine are made from vegetable oil. The fats derived from milk and oil vary resulting in different taste and nutrition levels within the two products. For instance, butter compared to spreads and margarine is yellower and has a richer creamier texture. As a source of food, substituting butter with alternatives also deprives one from the health benefits that butter brings.

Golden Churn Butter is distributed in 
			Dubai by Mugatlal P Pandya

Fortunately, residents in the UAE can now enjoy the goodness of Golden Churn butter, a premium Australian butter now available in UAE supermarkets and hypermarkets. Made in the traditional manner, Golden Churn butter constitutes of pasteurised cream (81% butterfat) and salt. Free from any added preservatives or colouring, this naturally smooth and creamy butter is delicious and ready to spread on toasts, croissants and other food items. It is also ideal for cooking and baking. Apart from its delicious flavour, Golden Churn butter is easy to store even in hotter temperatures.
The canned packaging gives the butter a longer self-life and it can be stored for 18 months without the need of refrigeration.

Golden Churn Butter is distributed by Mugatlal P Pandya in the UAE and Oman.

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